What is tor ?

In the previous post we discussed about the DarkNet. What is it and how to access it? There we brief learn about the Tor. That we can only able to access DarkNet sites using tor browser or network. If you don’t know about the DarkNet you can read that post. In this post i am going to discuss about the Tor in detail. So let’s talk about Tor.

What is DarkNet? How to access Dark Net Websites ?

Tor or The Onion Router is free software which allow the users to browse the Internet anonymously. It's load onto your computer like a browser to hides your IP Address. After hiding your IP address no one can able to track your Internet activities. It means that what you are seeking on Internet and other user activities. Every time send or request data from Internet it's hides your IP address.

The process of tor is layered with heavy-duty encryption. It' means your personal data or data is layered with privacy. Tor protects a user's activities and privacy but does not hides that someone using tor. Some websites restrict allowance or provide limited allowance through Tor. The reason is simple to restriction that websites uses your some information such as IP address, previous activities and so on. The tor is protects the user from any network spying and traffic analysis.

How does tor works?

To transfer your data or requests to it’s destination tor uses 5,000 approximately relays(servers). Tor will bounce your data or requests through a extremely large and extensive network of relays around the world. If you think about it large amount of hidden servers that will keep your IP address and your location invisible. It means vast and extensive network of servers will take care of your privacy. Tor not only protect your request or data but also protect you from danger type of viruses and attacks that done by using IP address.

To know about which relay this data came from and which relay to send this data to next each relay decrypts only enough of data. After know about the next relay location it's again encrypt this data to new form and send to other. Through tor data packets travels anonymize and address information are encrypted the path of the data cannot be fully traced.

However, even protocols called SSL or it's newer TLS that are used to encrypt the data packets. These protocols works to prevent the hacker or unwanted attacks to encrypt the user data. When the user sensitive information are going to travel across the network.

For example when you submit your credit card information to an online purchase. These protocols encrypted the user data when information is traveling across the network but still possible for attackers or others to see the information’s metadata i.e. who sent that encrypted information and where it received. The reason is that addressing wrapper in SSL or TLS are not encrypted. In Tor, they are which hides that where data is coming and where is going while transmission.

Further, if you are visiting a website through Tor browser that doesn't use encryption to secure users connections (SSL or TLS). Then when your data comes from the last relay to website server will not be encrypted because the data destination lies outside the Tor network.

Note: It's good for you to sure that a website provides some kind of SSL or TLS encryption, usually denoted by an “https” instead of simply “http” in the Web address before access it using Tor Browser.

Can i do everything with Tor Browser that is normally do?

Yes, you can do everything with tor that you do with in normal browser. The main difference between in normal browser and tor browser is that privacy and anonymity. Tor Browser hides your IP address that no one can see your Internet activities while other normal browsers not. You can search and download like a normal browser. Further, you should be very careful about downloading time because that time you using tor browser your IP address is hidden. You browsing internet anonymously means your ip or actual location is invisible.

For example if you download one audio file using tor browser that download is anonymous. After that you trying to opening that audio file using windows VLC Media Player or any other media player. That player searches online for information about the audio file that passes your non-Tor IP address and can be traced. Another example is Flash-based plugins which reveal your IP address. Therefore Flash-based plugins are automatically disabled in Tor Browser.

Note: Tor Project warns that Tor Browser and Bit-Torrent do not work well together. So, Avoid Bit-Torrent while using Tor Browser because they should not be combined.

Note: Also Tor Project recommends that to manage and download documents or file(audio, video etc.) online use the Open-Source Secure Linux Distribution Tails or commercial VM software.

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