Zip bomb or zip of death or Zip decompression

Hello friends. Today I am going to tell you about how to make a zip bomb. Zip bomb is also known as a zip of death or zip decompression. It is just a small zip file which contains hundreds of Kilobytes and designed for the crash a system. This small archive occupies Several Gigabytes of your Hard Disk space on unzipping or expanding.

  • Firstly, Open the notepad.
  • Now, you need to type the null character by pressing alt+255.
  • Copy the null characters and paste it couple of times. Press ctrl+a to select all and ctrl+c for copying then press ctrl+v to paste it.
  • Now you need to save this file (file_name.txt) in any blank folder. After that make a couple of copies of this file. For example, I have created 110 copy of the same file.
  • Open the cmd(command prompt). Navigate the location of the folder which contain files.
  • Type this below command :
  • Copy /b *.txt c.txt
    The above command is used for copying all the files data into one file(c.txt). The big file(c.txt) size is in 1GB (Gigabyte) or above. Minimize the cmd and delete all the copied files except c.txt.

  • At last, you need to compress this big file in a Zip archive. That helps to reduce this big file size to MB(megabyte).

That’s it. Your zip bomb is ready to send others. You can create this file bigger in size if you want too. You just need to copy and paste the null character

Above command Copy /b *.txt c.txt explanation :

Copy: This cmd command used to copy the files or folders.

/b : This command is used to copy binary content of files.

*.txt : Used to copy all the files with extension .txt of current folder.

c.txt : Copy all the content of other files (.txt) to new file name c.txt.

Note: Don’t open this file in your PC or laptop otherwise that will hang or crush.

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