Bootable USB drive for kali linux

Hello friends… In this post i am going to show you how to create a bootable USB drive for Kali Linux. This is very simple process to creating a bootable pendrive for Kali. To creating a bootable USB you need two things. They are :

  • Firstly thing you need a small software called Universal USB Installer. That you can easily download form here : Bootable USB software. It's very small software is just 1.70 MB.

  • Second thing you need a ISO file of Kali Linux. That you can download from here : Kali Linux ISO.

After downloading Universal USB Installer software and Kali ISO. Now let's begin to creating a bootable USB drive.

What to do now?

  1. Firstly, you go to location where the Universal USB Installer is downloaded and double click on it. To run the Universal USB Installer software. This software have no requirement to installation because it's directly runs. After running one Pop Up window will occurs that asking you to administration permission to run. Click on Yes.

  2. After that another screen will come as shown in below picture. That shows a License Agreement of this software that you need to agree. So, Click on I Agree to agree the agreement.
  3. license agreement of universal usb drive

  4. As shown in picture, you need to complete three steps and they are :
  5. options of bootable usb drive kali linux

    1. First, we need to select the operating system which we want to create a bootable USB drive. In this case, we need to Choose Kali Linux .

    2. Second, in this step we need to add the Kali Linux ISO file which you download. To do so you just need to click on the Browse button and direct the location to ISO file. Select the ISO file and Click on Open or double click on it.

    3. Third, finally you need to choose the USB drive that you want to create bootable. After that check the box Fat32 format Drive(Erases Content). To format the drive fast or you also able to check on NTFS format but that's slow and will take much time to format the drive. In this case, I choose
      Fat32 format Drive.
    4. check fat32 format in bootable usb drive

  6. Completing the above three steps you need to Click on Create .

  7. Next screen will give you a warning before preceding to next step. This warning about the formatting of the drive. You need to notice one thing here after this step all the data of your drive will be eased and may be not recoverable. So, take backup if you want before going further or Click on Yes.
  8. warning screen in bootable usb drive

  9. Now process is started and it will take some time to complete.
  10. process of bootable usb drive

  11. Finally, you have done just click on Close Button.
  12. finish of bootable usb drive

  13. It's Done. Your USB drive is ready to installation Kali Linux.

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