How to become a hacker?

Hello guys. In this article, I am going to tell you how to become a Professional Hacker. This article gives step by step guide to becoming a Professional Hacker. To become a pro hacker you need to follow all the steps and learn all the things that are given in this article. If you leave any of the steps that are given in this article then never able to become a pro hacker.

Hacker is someone who understands the computers, networking, and programming in advanced compared to others. There are many types of hackers but the main are three types: White hat, black hat, and Grey hat. They are the real hacker that we call that Professional Hackers. Professional Hackers have all type of knowledge such as networking, programming, hacking tools etc or we call that they are expert all of them.

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Learn Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an open source operating system. It provides many types of tools that are used in hacking. This OS is mainly created for hackers aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing.

Kali Linux includes many well known security tools, including :

  • Nmap
  • Aircrack-ng
  • Social Engineering Toolkit
  • Kismet
  • Burp suite
  • Wireshark
  • Metasploit Framework
  • John the Ripper
  • Maltego
  • Ettercap

Learn Programming Languages

It’s very important to become a professional hacker that you learn more than one programming languages such as C, Java, PHP etc. You can learn programming languages from books as well as online tutorials. If you want to learn from books then I suggest you prefer good books that written by experts. And if you want to learn online then have many tutorials on the internet such as W3Schools , Tutorialspoint , Javatpoint and many more. Follow whatever you like to prefer.

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Learn Operating System

It’s also very important for a professional hacker that he/she knows the more than one operating system apart from Kali Linux. There are many operating systems in the market and all have there own functionalities. One of the most commonly compromised systems is the Windows operating system. It is closed-source OS and good to learn to hack Microsoft systems because windows use everywhere nowadays such as banks, offices, etc.

Microsoft operating systems have a large number of vulnerabilities, according to the National Vulnerability Database(NVD).

Learn Networking Concepts

The networking concepts must be clear to become a pro hacker.

It’s very important for a hacker to understand how network created and also how it works. You also need to know how many types of networks and how they work. What are the vulnerabilities of networks? Having a clear understanding of different protocols but especially TCP/IP and UDP. It is must exploit the vulnerabilities on the world wide web(www).

HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. The hackers often use the HTTP gateway to breach the security of the system and take control over it.

Apache httpd is one of the most commonly used web servers and knowing in and out of it is going to empower you on any HTTP or other application layer protocol related endeavors.

Learn Cryptography

Cryptography is the art of converting data or messages one to another format that is unreadable without a key or additional information. It is the study of keeping the information or data hidden from third parties. Messages or data can be encrypted with the help of keys and it can’t be read or decrypt without a decryption key. Two ways of encrypting and decrypting the data or messages are the private/secret key and public key. methods.

This technique also used to encrypt and decrypt the passwords. Various type of password cracking tools is available that used to crack the passwords. But to the expert hacker at hacking important for you to understand how to create a program that can able to crack a password from the ciphertext.

You need to understand and master of cryptography to become a professional hacker. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) based internet communication also used cryptography. An expert hacker should be able to understand how SSL works and what is the importance of cryptography in keeping SSL secure.

Keep Practicing

It’s important to keep practicing what you learn to clear your topics and douts(if any). If you don’t practice what you learn regularly not able to understand things properly. And it’s very important to become an expert hacker your all things are clear.

Read Hacking Books from Experts

To enhance your knowledge reading books is the must. Purchase or download pdf books related to hacking that are written by experts. It’s very important in the hacking world to enhancing your reading speed to go fast. If your reading is slow then it’s very difficult for you to grow up in this field. So, it’s just your reading skills are good enough.

Don’t waste your time in those books or pdf which you are not able to understand. Lots of books are available on the market to leave that book and go to the next book which you able to understand properly.

Test your Knowledge

There are many online websites available on the internet that give you challenges. Also, several companies that organize challenges in order to check the vulnerability of their software products. The most common hacking challenge includes taking control of the third party computers and breaching the security system of the software.

There are some websites listed below that regularly offer hacking challenges.

Note: 007Hacker does not teach or condone cracking, stealing, breaking, or otherwise illegal cyber activity. The above information only for knowledge purpose.

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