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We all have some personal data that we don’t want to share with anyone like photos, videos etc. And also want to secure our data that no one can able to access that data. We use different type of passwords applications for securing our data with password.

But, today i am going to tell you amazing and new method to hide your personal pictures and videos inside the calculator in your android mobile. It’s a amazing way to hide your personal data and fool others. There are many applications in the market that are protect your data with passwords but everyone knows there is something that he is hiding using password. And it really sometimes embrassing when someone person says what you try to hiding and also questioning about that.

If you are really want to hiding your personal data with others why you not done this in proper way. I mean that others are not able to know you are hiding something and also feel more secure. I think hiding your data inside the calculator is better way to hiding your videos and photos than hiding with only password applications. This calculator also give feature to set password to feel more secure. If someone know that you are hiding your data inside the calculator. He/she is not able to access your data without password. This calculator works normally like other calculators done.

Here are the steps to hide your photos/videos :

=> Firstly, you need to download this application and install in your smartphone. Link is given below :

Smart Hide Calculator Application

=> Open the app after installation completion. Now, One prompts comes to set a password type the strong password.

=> After setting the password it will take you back functional calculator that everyone see when they open this app.

=> To enter into the menu you need to enter password and then “=”(it’s your secret key). Now you able to hide your photos, videos and movies.

=> In this menu you able to hide and unhide your personal photos, videos etc.

=> It’s done. Enjoy it.

Tip: Don’t open this app in front of others.

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