Hide Files inside .jpg image file

In this tutorial i will show you how to hide your important files inside ‘.jpg’ image file. This is really amazing tricks that’s help you to secure your data inside the image and this image look normal image but it’s undeletable and unrenamable. So Let’s start…..

Follow the given Below Steps…

  1. First, choose the one image.
  2. Now copy all your important files in one folder and Right click on that folder and click on “Add To ‘.rar’ “.
  3. Now put that folder and image file on desktop.
  4. Now open Command Prompt and type this command.
    1. cd desktop
  5. After that Type this command.
    1. copy /b image_name.jpg + file_name.rar combine_name.jpg

  6. It’s Done

Note 1 :: Replace ‘image_name.jpg’ , ‘file_name.rar’ and ‘combine_name.jpg’ with any name whatever you want.

Note 2 :: To access the hidden files you need to open the “WINRAR” software. Drag & drop the image in winrar and extract the file.

For winrar software :

32 bits

64 bits

Hide File

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