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Hello hackers.. Today i am going to tell you about how to hack wifi using fluxion tool. This is easy to use and provide different method to hack wifi such as Fakeap Hostapd, brute force etc.

This is just for knowledge purpose only.

Fluxion is based on the programs such as aircrack-ng, mdk3, hostapd etc. This tool is a social-engineering and security auditing research tool. The tool uses MITM attack for capturing the wpa/wpa2 passwords. So let's start..

Steps to setup fluxion tool

  • Firstly, you need to go download fluxion tool Zip file from given below link :

    Download fluxion tool

    or type the command in terminal git clone https://github.com/deltaxflux/fluxion.

  • Extract the zip file where you like.
  • Now, open the terminal and navigate the location to that directory where you extracted the fluxion in previous step. Alternate method, just directly go that folder and open terminal their.
  • Type ./fluxion.sh to install and run the fluxion tool.
  • Note If there are some dependencies which needed to be installed. Then first install them and then go to further step.

  • That's it. Now fluxion tool is ready to use.

Steps to hack the wifi

Step 1 Go to fluxion folder and open the terminal. Type ./fluxion

Step 2 In this step you have to choose you language.

Select the language in fluxion tool

Step 3 Select an interface (wireless card) which would put in the mointer mode and scan the target network.

Select the interface in fluxion tool

Step 4 Choose the channel : all channel either specific channel. I choose All channel.

Select channel in fluxion tool

Step 5 After that this will star monitoring wifi. When you find the target wifi close the monitor wifi screen.

Step 6 Select your target.

Step 7 Select the attacking method whatever you like. I Choose fakeap Hostapd. It create the fake login page that send to the target in which he/she login and you get the password. This is the easiest method and fast method to hack the password. Other methods are take time to get the password.

Select attack option fluxion tool

Step 8 Capture the handshake.

Step 8 Finally you just need to wait. Until someone logged into your fake login page. Whenever the target enter the password to your fake login page. If the password matches, then fluxion stops automatically and you get the password. It's also saved in the password in the root directory.

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2 thoughts on “How to hack wifi using fluxion tool?”

  1. Kindly, tell me the final step..How can I open the saved password stored in root directory? What command should I type in terminal to open the saved password?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. You need to go to the home directory where you find your password file. Open the terminal and type “cd ~” to navigate to your home directory. Then type “cat “. To check the file name type “ls” command.

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