Basic commands for kali linux terminal

In this post i am going to tell you some basic commands that are used in Kali Linux terminal. Terminal is the most powerful and important part of the Kali which is use almost in every work. So, it is also important that we know atleast some basic commands which is used to perform basic operations. Such as copy, rename, move, show information about users etc.

Basic Commands of terminal

  • pwd
  • This command is used to display the name of the current directory or folder.

  • hostname
  • It is another command which is used to display the name of the local host (the computer or system which you are currently using).

  • finger user
  • This command is used for display the information of the user that you want to check. For example : finger root.

  • ls
  • To list the content of the directories or folders. Example ls -al.

  • cd
  • This command is used to change from current directory to “directory”. If no name is specified it changes to the home directory. Example : ‘cd /tmp’ changes to the “tmp” directory.

  • cp
  • It is used to copy file or files one to anther place. In other words we can say that copy the file “source” to “destination” location. Example : cp /etc/samp /tmp

  • rm
  • This command is used to delete the files. Only the owner can able to delete the file. Example : rm samp.txt.

  • mv
  • This command is used to rename or move the files and directories. Example : mv old_name new_name.

  • mkdir
  • It is used to make the directory or folder with the name. Example : mkdir samp.

  • rmdir
  • This command is used to remove or delete the directory or folder. Example : rmdir samp.

  • find
  • It is used to find a file with the “file_name” and the search start from the root directory. Example : find / -name samp.txt.

  • echo
  • This command is used to write the string in the standard output. Example echo 007Hacker.

  • man
  • This command is very useful and important because it used to show the complete detail or online mamual about “command”. It is very useful for “commands” learning purpose. Example : man ls

  • ifconfig
  • Display the information on the active interfaces (wifi adaper, ethernet, ppp etc).

    Note : If you need more detail about any command just type ‘command_name –help’.

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